JCI History


In 1996, after 10 years with a leading Dallas design firm, Andy Jones launched Andy Jones Commercial Interiors, Inc. – JCI for short – in a small, subleased office suite in Richardson, Texas.  From a handful of real estate clients, Jones learned that to succeed in the office design business, you have to be fast, creative, and economy-minded.  With those three priorities always at the forefront, Jones observed that every well-done project turned into two more.
25 years later, with four partners, a staff of 20 team members and 28 million square feet of commercial space under contract, JCI handles up to 80 projects a week for over 150 active clients.  At JCI, new designers are taught the basics:  They must learn to be fast, creative, and economy-minded.  The firm’s success continues to depend upon its people’s commitment to these three qualities.

As designers of creative environments for people at work, JCI’s designers enjoy an ever-changing variety of large and small projects where they continually hone their skills and make good things happen.  “Clients spend most of their waking hours at work”, says Jones, “and we have the daily privilege of creating fun, beautiful office environments that people look forward to spending time in.  We make people’s lives better.  And that is really cool.”
The future is looking good for JCI.  The firm continues to grow and prosper.  Only the brightest and best commercial designers are invited to be permanent team members.  The Partners have set a goal to be recognized among real estate professionals as the best design firm in North Texas.  Every year brings new clients, new opportunities, and a few steps closer to The Goal5