About JCI

Choosing JCI Means

  • Partner participation in meetings of Client’s choice
  • Experience in Meetings: We know our client is
  • Same day response to voicemail and email
  • Same day meetings with Space Planners
  • Team Consistency: You know who to call

How We Work

Our approach to business is defined by 2 general principles. 1) Project ownership and 2) Upward delegation.

Project Ownership: JCI utilizes a team concept. Each team consists of a senior project manager with 5+ years of experience and 2 or more space planners. They are dedicated to a specific project from inception to completion. This gives the team ownership and empowers them to make decisions based on the needs of the client.

Upward Delegation: The upward delegation concept is JCI’s very own unique credo. In the event a senior project manager is unavailable to meet with a client due to schedule, illness, vacation, etc. Andy will attend the meeting in their absence. This belief is what sets JCI apart from any other space planning and interior design firm. Many firms delegate down. JCI delegates up.

JCI Style

Purpose: JCI’s philosophy is to design with purpose and intention to meet the goals of our clients with consideration for aesthetics, schedule, budget, and function.

Creativity: JCI provides creative space planning and interior design solutions for any budget, custom designed to meet our clients’ vision and corporate functionality needs.

Participation: Projects assigned to JCI are not only assigned to a team of talented designers but also have Director involvement from start to finish.

Responsiveness: JCI prides itself on providing excellent customer service through expeditious communication and responsiveness.

Agility: JCI brings agility to all phases of the project to ensure our clients’ projects run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Credentials: JCI’s staff includes three licensed interior designers, one registered architect, and one LEED accredited professional (ID+C).

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