JCI receives RAVE reviews in 2015!

2015 was an excellent year for our office! We have completed many fantastic projects with our clients, all of which we are very proud of! At the end of each year our teams reach out to our clients to inquire about their experience working with us. We are always striving to better ourselves, and serve our clients to the best of our ability. We have been extremely pleased with the response!  Below is a completion detailing a few of these reviews. Names and other details have been removed to protect the innocent.  Here’s to an amazing year working with our amazing clients! Thanks for a fantastic 2015!


“I am reminded every time I work with other groups what a great service you and all at JCI provide. We work well together and always enjoy coming by Andy’s playland to talk shop or whatever else is on our minds. Thanks for all you do for me and Caddo, it wouldn’t be the same without you. Looking forward to 2016!!”

“I can honestly say you are wonderful and always take care of our needs in a timely fashion. We prefer to work with JCI and always recommend you guys when our owners ask for referrals.”

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you on a few of our assets and truly enjoy you and appreciate your responsiveness. All great on my end & looking forward to a great 2016 as well!”
-Cushman and Wakefield

“[We] have discussed / dissected your body of work and find nothing to complain about. Thank you for your quick response to our requests. As usual we always want it yesterday and your [team has] done a great job of getting us what we need in a timely manner. I have enjoyed getting to know you and the team and look forward to a productive 2016.”
-Cushman and Wakefield

“As always….JCI has been superb!”

“I think you all are awesome and I tell my other Landlords so as well. In fact, I may have an opportunity to get you all on [another upcoming project] and will let you know as it transpires. Anyway, I greatly appreciate your responsiveness and attention to detail. I would and do recommend you all to anyone to do Landlord work.”

“Thank you for the follow up! We really enjoy working with you guys. JCI is always very responsive and helpful throughout the process so I can’t think of anything to say except, “Keep up the good work!”
-The Cotton Mill Partners

“Happy New Year! I have enjoyed working with you both as well. Thank you for your responsiveness!”
-Cassidy Turley

“Thank you! I look forward to working with you as well in [the coming year]! You guys have done an excellent job for us at [at our property] and hopefully we could use your services at some of our other locations.”
-Rosemont Realty Services

“I have been very pleased with your performance and level of service thus far. Thanks for always keeping me in the loop!”
-Stream Realty

“I am pleased with your work and look forward to many projects together in [the coming year]”
-Stream Realty

“Thanks for all of your help this year. Your responsiveness and follow through are second to none. I appreciate everything and look forward to working together more in [the coming year].”
-Holt Lunsford Commercial

“Thank you [JCI team]. We appreciate all of you and your teams help this year.”
-Peloton Commercial Real Estate

“Thanks [JCI team]. Yall do a great job and I always keep you in mind for new projects. Have a great Christmas and New Year!”
-Peloton Commercial Real Estate

“You all have been a pleasure to work with, and the responses to our questions and needs have always been very prompt… Seems to be such a rarity from vendors these days. :)”

-Peloton Commercial Real Estate

“We had a great year. Special thanks to you and everyone at JCI for their hard work. No complaints here.”
-Grubb & Ellis

“Your whole team is doing a great job!!!”
– Crown Sterling Properties

“We thank you for all that you do for us! We’re looking forward to another great year!”
-Younger Partners

“No complaints from me. I appreciate your efforts this year. I hope you have a great Holiday!”

“You guys are my favorite to work with and I always recommend you to new clients/buildings. Thanks for your great work!”
– Cushman and Wakefield

“Personally I couldn’t be more pleased with [JCI’s] work and response time in which it occurs. [You have] done a great job for us and I am looking forward to many more projects in the future. I wish you both the happiest of holidays.”

“JCI [has] been a pleasure to work with since day one. Responsiveness and timeliness are paramount in the success of our relationships with our tenants and you guys have consistently performed on point. I appreciate everything that you do and look forward to continuing to work together in 2016. I hope that you both have a great holiday season and I look forward to the next project!”
“We are as always thrilled with your service and hope to enjoy the relationship for many years to come. It has been an absolute pleasure working with JCI and we look forward to expanding the relationship in 2016.”

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